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Sydney Fringe 2022- Cover.png

13th - 17th Sept

Eddy Rockefeller was born on the mean streets of a private hospital, crawling her way through society to become the abrasive bogan she is today. She’s raunchy, she’s irreverent, she’s officially unemployed (she used to work for herself but got fired for sexual harassment). With over two decades of being a professional attention seeker she’s performed to audiences all over the world, most recently returning from New York. Known around the scene for her affable nature, she’s not afraid to tell you her deep dark secrets, in fact she has to, she can’t afford therapy…



Recent credits:

Nominated "Best Comedy" - Dubbo Fringe 2021, Newcastle Fringe 2022

Nominated “Best Performance”- Newcastle Fringe 2022

Nominated “Best Newcastle Show” - Newcastle Fringe 2022

Nominated “Best Show” - Newcastle Fringe 2022

Nominated "Best Premiere Show" - Newcastle Fringe 2021

Nominated "Best Homegrown Talent" - Newcastle Fringe 2021

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